Our Aim

The Masonic Service Bureau of Los Angeles shall be for the purpose of properly relieving the distress of Masons who are members of Lodges in other jurisdictions and their widows and orphans while residing in the area of the Masonic Service Bureau of Los Angeles and of those whose Lodges are in other areas of California.  This includes, but is not limited to, arranging and conducting funerals of such deceased Masons, making investigations requested by Lodges of this and other jurisdictions, visiting sick sojourners, operating a clearing house as to applicants for the degrees of Masonry and for such other proper Masonic activities as may be authorized by the Committee on Masonic Service Bureaus of the Grand Lodge.

Why Should My Lodge Belong to the Masonic Service Bureau of Los Angeles?

Personnel of the Masonic Service Bureau make investigations on applications for the California Masonic Homes and also for the homes of other jurisdictions.

The Masonic Service Bureau gets authorization to conduct funerals for sojourners, arranges officiates for funerals, provides for floral pieces and sometimes even secures burial plots.

The Bureau Executive Secretary arranges for the conduct of funerals for local lodges when requested.

The Service Bureau is a central location for sojourning brethren to call for meeting times and locations of Lodges and related Masonic groups.

The Executive Secretary is an expert in relieving the distress of worthy sojourning brethren and their families and can quickly provide proper relief.

The Service Bureau publishes a “Clearing House Report” each month from the information sent by lodges in the Bureau area, in which all of the applicants for the degrees of Masonry and for affiliations are listed.

We also publish a “Bulletin Board” notifying the lodges in the area of upcoming Masonic events in the Los Angeles area.